LCC Tooling Services
1.Simulation (Simultaneous Engineering)
Our CAE Engineers have vast experience in die try out and processing
providing the realistic results. It's not a simple simulation report by
a computer. This skill creates believable and truthful analysis reports

2.Die Design
The simulation results and Draw development are used as
a basis for our designs.  We can ensure our customers that
they will have a stable process yielding high quality parts.

3.Body Assembly JIG Design
We supply 2D & 3Design of JIG to our customers.
The designers have vast experience in Nissan style Jigs and Assembly cells.
Manufacturing Of High Quality Low Cost
Progressive Dies
Transfer Dies
Line Dies
Check Fixtures
Assembly Jigs and Fixtures
Prototype Parts
Sinitec USA Inc.
Rochester Hills MI.
Sinitec Co. Ltd
Ulsan South Korea